The Covenant House Donation Drive

To Our Suburban Eye Institute Family,

We wanted to thank everyone for your generosity over these last two weeks. We participated in a drive organized by one of our amazing patients, Marie Kung, to support a local organization called The Covenant House. If you did not see our previous email, The Covenant House in Newark, New Jersey serves our homeless young adults by giving them a place to stay, basic needs, access to technology and education, and a support system to help rebuild their lives. Because of your generosity, she was able to deliver new fall jackets, hoodies, flannel shirts, pajamas, backpacks, underwear, socks and endless hygiene products including shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, body washes and much more! With monetary donations, Marie was able to purchase many more essential items at Costco.

With all of your help, The Suburban Eye Institute was able to collect and donate about one-third of the total donations that were delivered. Everything she collected took up two large SUVs and Marie and her family delivered everything on Sunday August 16th. We could not be more proud of our community and are so looking forward to doing more drives like this one in the future. Thank you all so much for your participation and overwhelming generosity!  Follow our facebook page for pictures of all of the wonderful donations – we have provided the link below!

Best Wishes!

Suburban Eye Institute

Dr. Lukaszek, Dr. Lynly, Dr. Mackey,

and the Suburban Eye Institute Staff!